The line sense of vertical pattern resin board is creative, creating a tasteful home life

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  Line sense is an important element in interior design, and it is also one of the common expression methods in modern design style. Through the combination of lines, it shows different artistic effects, makes the interior space simple and generous, and easily creates a tasteful home life.

1. Line furniture

  We can use some furniture with a sense of lines. For example, the furniture design with black lines and metal texture will make the whole interior design more concise and textured.


2. Line background wall

  Lines can also be used to decorate the living room background wall, bedroom wall, etc. the lines with concave and convex texture form a neat wire frame structure on the wall, making the original monotonous wall more hierarchical and three-dimensional. For metal lines, it is also used to decorate the top of the wall. The unique texture of metal will enhance the style of the whole family, especially suitable for the decoration style of light luxury and industrial style.


3. Matching furniture with lines

  Match the lines with the furniture of carefully selected unique style, make use of the cross feeling of one horizontal and one vertical, make the crisscross lines present the design full of artistic flavor, produce visual impact, and bring you unique shock!


4. Line partition

  Lines have a sense of direction. If they can be skillfully designed, they can become the most practical wisdom in space. In the proper position of the interior space, the design of a black frame shaped line partition can make the whole interior design appear more neat and have a sense of design.


  So there are many ways to improve the style of home space, but one of the most practical and effective ways is to pay attention to the use of line sense in home design, especially the decorative materials with line sense, such as Dehao resin board vertical grain series, neat line texture, bright surface and strong vertical sense, which can be widely used in background wall, partition and furniture surface decoration.


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